This is the main species used to produces the fragrant oil used for perfumes, it is the the thick leaves that hold more oil that make it valuable, however it is as the 'Rose scented geranium' a versatile garden plant that it is most widely known. Pelargonium graveolens is an evergreen Shrub growing to 1.2 m (4ft) by 0.8 m (2ft 7in) at a medium rate. Online Garden Center - Affordable plants - Best Price - Easy ordering - Fast Delivery - Money Back Guarantee - ©2019 Bulbs Direct B.V. Scroll to Top wordt toegevoegd aan uw winkelwagen. Clusters of deep magenta flowers over soft, scallop shaped grey-green leaves. 6 left. Deadhead spent blooms to keep more flowers coming. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); , Pelargonium caroli henrici (picture above right). £8.99. graveolens rose citrus scented pelargonium, graveolens scented leaf pelargonium, 2021 Spring Season, pre orders accepted from 19th December, Select *1 choice selections of Scented Geraniums, Select Scented Geranium by alphabetical named type, Select Scented Geranium by scent of named type, Select Scented Geranium size achieved at maturity, compact type for house plant, containers, garden, large type for large containers and garden, medium to large type for containers and garden, Select Scented Geranium type semi trailing, Discover Scented Leaf Pelargonium, Book 1. google_ad_width = 300; /* 300x250, created 3/23/09 */ The Pelargonium and Geranium Society (PAGS) is delighted to present the International Register and Checklist of Pelargonium Cultivars Login: Forgot or Reset Password Register your Pelargonium … google_ad_slot = "5217806669"; An upright evergreen perennial that will reach around 1m in height with a similar spread, attractive green foliage that is deeply lobed, and of course the rosy pink flowers through late spring and summer. Pelargonium graveolens is an erect, much-branched shrub, that can reach a height of up to 1.3 m and a spread of 1 m.The hairy stems are herbaceous when young, becoming woody with age. The second word of the name will ALL be in lower case letters and will be descriptive of that plants. Shop by category. Etymology. Turns out you can grow this plant in many gardens. You can identify whether a plant is a wild species rather than a hybrid by its name. Trialeurodes abutiloneus. Native to South Africa they like dry conditions and hot summers. Impact (1 is very low - … The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs). Pelargonium comes from the Greek πελαργός pelargos which means stork.Another name for pelargoniums is stork's-bills due to the shape of their fruit. (see picture right). mail order jumbo starter plants not baby plugs, select from 130 types Pelargonium Appendiculatum 5 Fresh Seeds. Bears triangular, bipinnate, grey-green variegated leaves and pinkish-white veined purple flowers. © Copyright https// 2020. Grow in loam-less potting compost or in John Innes No 2 in full light, but with shade from hot sun, and good ventilation.

pelargonium graveolens plant uk

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