If Red Jacket made hammers they could screw it up. Maybe that's a result of the jacketed lead core design of Outlaw's stuff. Exit wounds are nasty. Suppressed 458 SOCOM has over 1,200 ft-lbs of energy, so nearly 3x that of 45 AARP View entire discussion ( 11 comments) More posts from the 458socom community I have seen posts and videos of subsonic 458 SOCOM with similar complaints but they always seem to be using a bullet that does not expand at subsonic velocities. Great for heavy, large boar within 100 yds (91.4 m). or other .458 subsonic from an AR? I've never used their rifle cans, but I use their .22 cans exclusively (the new Regulator may be the best .22 can ever built to date, seriously). We then durability tested with a 458 … Scorpion 458. That $50 a box of 458 SOCOM, $5.50 goes to good old Uncle Sam. Those are all really good bullets. The Liberty Suppressors Goliath is a big .458 SOCOM silencer, and here’s why I’m super excited to have just received one. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. If your just plinking you might try HS-6 you’ll use half the powder and it makes less noise, if you are shooting suppressed. As powerful a round as the 458 Socom is, we certainly didn’t expect it to last quite that long. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. While it does help remove some of the recoil — the .458 SOCOM doesn’t kick near as hard as the .50 Beowulf that we tested last time — the Bowers VERS 458 suppressor turned this ear buster of a round in to a quiet killer. In this article I’ll detail the components I chose for building semi-auto The Pig Truth. Build: * Barrel & Sleve Finish: * Handguard Style : * $2,999.00 +-Add to cart. that suppressor looks good, the massive blast chamber might help to make up for the lack of baffles. Initially designed for the .458 SOCOM, the Goliath is capable of use on high-powered rifles. Since then, we have used it on multiple pistol caliber rifles such as 44 magnum, 45LC, and 45acp, with excellent suppression results. Unfortunately, the all-in-one options start having problems as the bore size increases. So happy with it I have a 6.8 on order as well, just waiting on the tax stamp to come back. Information; Reviews (0) Delivery time: Out Of Stock This is the NEW Integrally Suppressed Upper design by Witt Machine & … The Bowers Group Vers 458 is our purpose-built.458 SOCOM silencer, rated for fully automatic fire. Nov 19, 2016 - Explore Dylan Lebrun's board "458 socom" on Pinterest. I was planning on using these for a suppressed bolt action for hunting but haven't been able to find load data on them to determine which cartridge to use. A .458 SOCOM at 600-grain almost becomes absurd on a deer at close range, like using a Glock on a gnat. - Stephen W., TX I'm having one built but I'm sure it will be 6-7 more months before I get it back. Mushrooms almost twice its diameter … I don’t like making plans for the day. Shooting the Red Jacket Arms .458 SOCOM Integrally Suppressed AR. I have tried the Lehigh defense 700 grain bullets. [Last Edit: 7/1/2015 4:57:12 PM EST by Homeinvader], TNVC Black Friday Deals PLUS TNV/DTNVS and TNV/DTNVS-I (IPD Stops) STILL LIVE, [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Shooting the Red Jacket Arms .458 SOCOM Integrally Suppressed AR. Baffles are simple 60 degree cones, all but the first two are clipped. a suppressed 458 socom would be sooooooo sweet. What do people think the possibility of a .458 SOCOM H&K 53/93/G3/SL8 conversion are? He ordered a Red Jacket Arms Integrally suppressed 458 SOCOM. I do have the Omega 9k and it's just great. .458 SOCOM 500 GR, JRN, SUBSONIC. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. It took a total of 3 years to get it to him. The Outlaw State bullets are all very good as well. Building the .458 SOCOM takes only two caliber specific parts-a .458 specific bolt and barrel- Wilson Combat is further optimizing their .458 SOCOM rifles by adding an adjustable gas block, extra power action spring and straight gas tube as a standard reliability upgrade. Aug 8, 2016 - Explore Michael Perry's board "458 socom" on Pinterest. Home / .458 SoCom Integrally Suppressed AR Upper. On the other hand, supersonic .458 has shown some serious devastation. I use a silencerco radius rangefinder and a Leupold Mark 4 with m3 turret. You can get your chrono out and tweak it to perfection. A 4.5"bbl. Obviously, its highly unlikely that you’re going to take that many rounds directly. They look mean. Range Conversely, one of the biggest arguments against the .458 SOCOM is its limited range. It's a 9.5" suppressor attached to an 8" Tromix stainless barrel to … The Hornady 500 gr RN is an excellent heavy hitting Jacketed, Lead Core bullet. and 11.5" suppressor built into a solid Green Mountain barrel should be awesome. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. My freeze plug 458 can sounds better than that! But it’s good to know that if that’s what it came down to giving you a decent amount of time before it finally gives way. Makes it easy to … Just finished my semi integral 458 Socom build. I have a Remington 700 with a Douglas 16"barrel 1-10 twist and it really likes the Makers 500gr. I also have their Mystic X, my only modular can and it's quiet but I only use for 9mm; should have just bought a good dedicated 9mm can. Liberty just started making a new .458 can. Available today, The Goliath is the new all titanium 458 SOCOM silencer from Liberty Suppressors. Reliability while suppressed has been unaffected on anything used so far. The petals' expansion is ridiculous. That gives me a good place to start! The .458 SOCOM firing the subsonic 500-grain projectile shines with the Bowers suppressor installed. In terms of switching between calibers, all you need to do is to merely change the thread adapter. Shooting the Red Jacket Arms .458 SOCOM Integrally Suppressed AR For those of you who have wondered about a suppressed ,458 SOCOM: I went to the range Thursday with a client and a customer. The SOCOM can get pretty close to factory “trap door” loads but falls a good bit behind “marlin” or (#1) 45-70. We’re making this for people who need a can capable of taking the pounding from a full auto.458 firing supersonic rounds, but who don’t need the bore size of a Vers 50. Despite the big suppressor I fitted on it , it is still quite noisy. But in reality they do not expand. Silencer Shop and Bowers suppressors teamed up and sent me a couple of .458 socom, and 50 Beowulf uppers along with the Bowers Vers 458 and Vers 50 suppressors to test. What bullet are you shooting with yours Samson7x? I have built a 458 socom on a Winchester 70 short action. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. But that will definitely get you close. Some .458 SOCOM barrels that meet your shooting style will likely offer additional features. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Lightweight, balances very well, and mates up perfect to my wilson 458 recon. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But .458 SOCOM silencers just aren’t as commonplace as .30 caliber cans. .458 SoCom Integrally Suppressed AR Upper . The SOCOM is also capable of launching 500- 600 grain bullets at subsonic velocities for suppressed or tactical use. .458 SOCOM 250 GR BARNES TSX. In 2015 we built an over the top .458 SOCOM AR-15 that we really wanted to suppress. This is the initial test and hunt with the .458 using super and subsonic ammo. over 2 years to get it from Red Jacket to my FFL! Probably pretty rare. specially since I do alot of prone shooting and the ear muff style always got in the way, I'm not normally one to hate but there is absolutely. The Makers 500 gr is 100% copper though. I have their Pinnacle 2 10-22 integral barrel, considering having it modified to a take down, but haven't done anything with it. Attached to a bolt rifle, or even a shorter barreled pistol with a brace, a Goliath-equipped gun would make a formidable defensive weapon and hunter. The Scorpion 458 was initially built to fill the needs of a few local customers with 458 SOCOM rifles. down-range)? It's like shooting a big ass FMJ. 458 Socom Suppressor: 12/28/2016: Could not be happier with my 458 socom wilson suppressor. Thank you. I have the all titanium Essence too, nice, but that Regulator kicks it's ass and is only a an ounce or so more and way simpler to clean. it pleasantly suppresses 45 caliber big bore such as 450 Bushmaster and .458 Socom as well as carbine. The recoil is not bad, the effect on the target backstop quite devastating! A large hollow-point pure copper projectile. But I have never used the Beowulf so I have no feedback on it. Mine is fairly finicky. I use it as a single shot and shoot subsonic loads. 19.9 grains of h110 with 500 grain maker. Is the action noise undesirable (although I find it unlikely the shooter will be disappointed throwing that type of lead [tungsten!] New, Factory made ammo has that added Federal Excise Tax of 11%. All Rights Reserved. I have their Pinnacle 2 10-22 integral barrel, considering having it modified to a take down, but haven't done anything with it. Taming this monster cartridge down to an average 132 dB (including First Round Pop), the Goliath is more than capable for this big bore caliber. And when shooting a slower round, you will achieve the most power by firing a heavier bullet. But the Makers are extremely good. I been using the surefire ear pro's ep4 and ep7 and love them. When it comes to suppressing big bore calibers, such as.458 SOCOM, your initial instinct might be to choose a one-suppressor-does-all solution. Therefore bore size is important when wanting to shoot larger rounds and with the Bowers Vers 458 suppressor you can easily fire a 500 grain at 1,025 fps with 1,166 foot pounds of energy nearly as quiet as a .22 rifle. Hollow points in a subsonic load. They hit and expand perfect every time. They seem to penetrate a bit better but expand to about half the diameter of the Makers. See more ideas about gun gear, guns tactical, guns and ammo. SOCOM762 RC2 Suppressor. Most experts probably won’t recommend this, but the SilencerCo Hybrid 46 has such incredible sound suppression capabilities, you can shoot your.458 SOCOM rifle without any ear protection and still have low tonicity to it. Very forgiving round and have never had one run off I hit. Which you know every set up is a little different. This dedicated suppressed, 12-inch-barreled, thermal optic-equipped.458 SOCOM was built for hammering wild hogs here in Texas. You will be shooting about 1020fps. The only Red Jacket thing I own is a few RJ marked AR mags that Academy was clearing out at $8 a piece. At 10 inches in length and a 2 inch dameter, this beast tips the scales at only 20 oz. just when i start to get a pretty sizeable amount tucked back, you go and mention one of the rifle setups ive wanted for a long time. Just ordered some and waiting for production. It is pretty quite and it stomps hogs to the ground on impact. I've been gravitating towards the Makers for 458 suppressed subs for a while now. I'm really happy with the performance. Because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom. Have you tried them out yet? I have the all titanium Essence too, nice, but that Regulator kicks it's ass and is only a an ounce or so more and way simpler to clean. Reloading can save you some cost in shooting the 458 SOCOM. This power is truly suitable for larger game, like boars and bears. Has anyone tried the Lehigh Defense 570gr controlled fracturing bullet? Ideal for suppressor use. No, I haven't. I have a buddy who returned one of their AK cans because it was junk. Liberty just started making a new .458 can. There are a lot of 0.458 dia bullets available, not all are suited for the 458 SOCOM. The tube, mount, and first 2 baffles are 304ss; the end cap and rest of the baffles are anodized 7075 aluminum. If so, how quite is it? Excellent for medium game where over penetration is a concern at ranges under 100 yrds. Additional Features. Anyone ever use Outlaw State Bullets for subsonic? I also have their Mystic X, my only modular can and it's quiet but I only use for 9mm; should have just bought a good dedicated 9mm can. Has anyone on here built or heard a .458 integral suppressed rifle? I do have the Omega 9k and it's just great. and 11.5" suppressor built into a solid Green Mountain barrel should be awesome. I own a chambering reamer and so does Gag Zigliani from high country suppressors. After I finish her shakedown I’ll write an actual review of how the complete firearm performs. I guess it is rare. I wish it was more versatile. And with this set up I'm good out to 225 yards. The SOS-450, our 450 Bushmaster suppressor is a beast. I've never used their rifle cans, but I use their .22 cans exclusively (the new Regulator may be the best .22 can ever built to date, seriously). See more ideas about 458 socom, Guns, Rifle. I run a silencerco hybrid on mine and it sounds great. A 4.5"bbl. Underwood's Controlled Fracturing .458 SOCOM Ammo Most .458 SOCOM bullets fall on the lower end of the spectrum of grain weight (less than 400 grains) but for those looking to suppress their AR the heavier grain bullets are typically tuned for suppressed hunting. SOCOM 2 Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer) $1,199.00 When looking for the best .458 SOCOM barrel, you want to make sure that your short-list of manufacturer models has the capacity to add those all-important accessories. I will stand behind Makers bullets. You must log in or register to reply here. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. I have tested them and they are mean as hell. Does anyone have dB figues for a suppressed 600grn. JavaScript is disabled. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. And I'm willing to bet I paid significantly less and had it completed in a few months. Final Thoughts. With a 16" barrel. Modular, quiet, lightweight, versatile with a wide flexibility of multi-caliber use. Red Jacket is gone, isn't it?

shooting 458 socom suppressed

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